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"How 'real' or 'logical' is Christianity or Hinduism or Buddhism that makes it more legit that Wicca?"
- Rasee Govindani

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Do you ride a broom, or are vacuumm cleaners the rave at the moment?
by Rasee Govindani, 18, Bangkok, Thailand
Oct 5, 1999

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Wicca made me happy. It is a religion that believes in power in all living things, from the sky and the Earth to animals and people and plants. It believes in taking responsibility for your own actions and harming none. It believes in celebrating life and rejoicing in the gift of existence. After a year of studying, during the Spring Equinox, I dedicated myself to Wicca and happily called myself a Witch.

The hardest part had only just begun. Though I was happy and content with my life, I had to convince others around me that Wicca is not only a legitimate religion, but it had nothing to do with brooms and love potions. Well, not in the way witches are portrayed by the media anyway. There was disbelief in many eyes and others laughed about it behind my backs. I didn't blame them, but it made me angry. How "real" or "logical" is Christianity or Hinduism or Buddhism that makes it more legit that Wicca?

I've been part of this for over a year now and I've never been happier, and you can see it in my face. Wicca is a way of life that shows in the way I live each day, the way I walk, the way I dance, the way I smile. It's there in my eyes when I look up into the sky and in my smile when I bend down to smell a flower. It's MY celebration of MY life and it makes me HAPPY.

So why am I constantly defending my beliefs? Why does the word "religion" make my blood boil? Why am I always biting at the heads of Christians and what is this ridiculous obsession with brooms?

There are hundreds of countries on this planet and each has their own customs and traditions. Each believes in something that twenty other countries may be against, and that's the way the world works. But it's the 21st century and the world is becoming so much smaller, so why are people's minds shrinking along with that instead of expanding to embrace the diversity that is Earth? How are we to live in peace and harmony if we believe ourselves to be the ultimate superior being and all others to be inferior?

Look at the Holocaust. The 1692 Salem Trials. The Inquisition in Old England. The Kosovo incidents. The East Timor mess. The wall that went up in the middle of Germany. The division of Korea. The Kargil war at the borders of India and Pakistan. What is happening to this planet? Wars over the simple matter of religion?

Get a grip.

I have friends who are Hindus and Buddhists and seven different sects of Christianity. We've got the Islams and the Taoists and the Jews. We've got the Atheists and the Pagans. And we get along quite simply because we have open minds and open hearts, and the knowledge and belief that a person's religion is their personal business and should NOT be the basis of judging them. You cannot and must not judge a person by their religion. You may judge them by their characters and the person that they are if you know them well enough, but you have no right, as a human being and a citizen of this planet, to judge someone just because you see a cross hanging in their homes. Absolutely NOT.

love and fear?

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