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"The Japanese have even described Perth as the most beautiful city in the world, and many of them want to retire here, the reason???"
- Jennifer Markich

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What John Glenn thought was so bright about Perth
by Jennifer Markich, Perth, Western Australia
Aug 27, 1999

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Travelling across the sky in his spaceship a man commented that my hometown looked like the city of lights…Of course he'd never been here then, in fact, I'm not even sure if he has been here yet, but there is definitely something bright about Perth.

Perth, Australia
Fireworks above the sky in Perth
on Australia Day

The Japanese have even described Perth as the most beautiful city in the world, and many of them want to retire here, the reason???

Nestled away on the southwestern side of Australia Perth is a clean, green city with a lot to offer. World class beaches holding world class competitions, sun almost the whole year round… We are currently in winter, and although it's no Hawaii here it is still a pleasant 21 degrees with sun shining through the odd clouds.

Perth has the beautiful attractions of the East Coast of Australia, without the clouds. Instead of going to the Great Barrier Reef, why not try the Ningaloo Reef off the cost of Exmouth. All the pleasures of the Great Barrier Reef without the long trek out to the reef, in Ningaloo you can walk there, prices are also a lot cheaper. The world's oldest living lifeforms, a form of coral called stromatolites also live in our north at a place called Hamelin Bay, on the way to which you can visit a limestone desert filled with pillars, some tall, and others not so tall, but great for a game of hide and seek, I also ate breakfast there on one occasion so as to avoid ranger fees…(you don't have to pay if you arrive before the ranger does at 10am….I had already paid once for entry the day before you see…honest.)

The world is full of beauty, and sometimes you find the nicest things even in your own backyard! I am lucky enough to live next to a place called John Forest National Park, where kangaroos love to bound around at dusk and dawn, where the wild flowers look beautiful and ever changing all year round, and where I can go and sit on a rock at peace listening to the rustle of the wind, or the water, as it flows down to a place called Rocky Pool.

Anyone with any queries regarding Perth, Western Australia or Australia in general please don't hesitate to contact me. Broadening Horizons…

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